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Benefits of Over Toilet Aid for Seniors and PWD’s

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Toilet frameFor some people with mobility issues like the disabled and older people, going to the toilet can be a little riskier without the help of the over toilet aid

Also known as over the toilet frame, this healthcare equipment is designed to make the process of transferring to and from the toilet a lot easier, safer, and promotes independence.

Whether you or one of your family members have mobility issues, getting them the right toilet aid is essential for their comfort. And to reduce any untoward incidents that may worsen their conditions.

Today, there is a wide range of toilet aids available in the market for you to choose from depending on the needs of the person who will use it.

However, getting the right equipment is very crucial. That’s why talking to your physical therapist first is recommended to get expert advice before purchasing. 

Now, to help you decide if getting this equipment is the right choice, here are the benefits that the over toilet aids can offer to people with mobility impairment.

Benefits of Over Toilet Aid

  1. Assists Transferring On and Off the Toilet

Some toilet aids have safety arms, raised armrests, and split chairs so that getting on and off the toilet will become a lot easier and less of a struggle. 

  1. Enhance Toileting Independence

Another purpose of this equipment is to help patients with mobility issues enhance and promote toileting independence and have safer trips to the toilet on their own.

  1. Have Adjustable Features to Suit the User

Normally, this healthcare equipment has height adjustable legs with easy circlip adjustment points to assist people with leg or hip injuries every time they use the toilet.

  1. Safe to Use and Durable

To ensure that this equipment is safe and sturdy, it has a durable base for sitting. Also, much of this equipment has a reinforced aluminum frame with heavy-duty non-slip feet and stainless-steel washers.

The armrests can also be adjusted to assist the user in transferring on and off the stool.

  1. Provides Relief and Comfort

One of the purposes of this healthcare equipment is to provide the user with some relief and comfort whenever they need to go to the toilet. 

Some types of these aids have split seats so that there is no need for the user to stand off the chair to have their body parts washed. Others have high seats to lessen the squatting position that we usually do when using the toilet.

In conclusion, the benefits of this healthcare equipment have positive impacts on the daily routine of elderly and disabled persons. With the help of this assistive device, the potential risks of falling and other toileting worries can be reduced. It also allows people with mobility impairment to become more independent.

TRT Clinic Perth Doctors – How to Deal with the Signs and Symptoms of Low Testosterone

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health and wellnessLow testosterone, which is also known as hypogonadism in the medical community, can impact men in many different ways. Reduced production of testosterone in a man’s body can set the stage for a variety of medical conditions, ranging from decreased sex drive to difficulty sleeping and sudden mood changes, despair, and irritability. 

They are the indicated symptoms of andropause, known as “male menopause,” which is a syndrome characterized by the occurrence of the above symptoms and more. The good news is that the majority of low testosterone symptoms are reversible.

Here’s what you can do.

Reduced Energy and Fatigue

Fatigue is a typical sign of low testosterone in men. The ideal course of action to take is to get yourself examined for low testosterone by a reputable TRT clinic. If things turn out positive, you may be assessed for testosterone replacement therapy.

It’s also reasonable to maintain a consistent sleep schedule and to exercise in the morning. Physical activity in the morning can help you maintain your energy levels throughout the day.

Sleep Issues

Maintaining a healthy sleep schedule is critical — this means that you practice sleeping and waking up at the same hour every single day. The goal of doing so is to have an adequate amount of sleep daily. 

As per the National Sleep Foundation, adult men should strive for a minimum of 7 to 9 hours of sleep every night. Sleep issues related to low testosterone levels in men can be severe. Sometimes, it might even come to the point that the condition is so disturbing that the only remedy left is to enlist the services of a sleep specialist.

Consult your physician with regard to seeing a specialist to assess whether your difficulty in achieving sound sleep has something to do with sleep apnea, which can be managed simultaneously with low testosterone. 

Sudden Mood Changes/Swings

Some people are convinced that pharmacological treatments for low testosterone would be enough to alleviate mood swings, which are one of the symptoms of hypothyroidism.

mood swing

However, assessing mood swings on an individual basis is very important, of course, with the help of a physician with a background in hormone management. If mood issues are minor, leading TRT clinic Perth doctors say that testosterone replacement therapy alone may help bring about beneficial, balancing effects. In addition, it is also important to establish whether psychiatric management coupled with medication is needed or whether psychological counseling alone would be appropriate. 

Loss of muscle strength and bone mass

Aside from TRT Sydney for low testosterone, fitness can help compensate for decreased muscle strength and loss of bone mass. Performing strength training workout routines is encouraged because they can significantly contribute to muscular and bone strength maintenance. 

Such forms of workouts also aid in the preservation of bone and muscle mass. Pull-ups, push-ups and leg squats are excellent ways to build strength, together with the use of weight machines and free weights. If you’re new to weight training, enlist the help of a personal trainer to create a program for you that you can follow either at your home or the gym. 

Persistent Urination

Frequent urination is a sign of low T condition to watch out for. Sometimes it is related to testosterone replacement therapy in some men. An enlarged prostate may be the source of decreased testosterone in senior men. Keeping an eye on urine flow variations and PSA levels or prostate-specific antigen tests helps assess the health of the prostate glands. Men taking testosterone often report improved urine habits, including infrequent nighttime urination. 

Wrapping Up!

If you are experiencing some or most of the issues indicated above, and feel that you may be a running candidate for a low-T treatment, TRT Perth doctors strongly suggest that you consider consulting a physician. If your blood test results show affirmatively that you have low testosterone, there is no need to worry because there are treatment options available. 

Why It Is Better for Teenage Boys to Visit a Testosterone Clinic?

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People usually think about older guys when they hear or think about men with low testosterone because low testosterone is almost always associated with age. This is because low testosterone is commonly found in older men since it is part of the natural process of the male human body to reduce its production of testosterone as they get older. 

While low testosterone in the young is rarely discussed, that does not mean to say that it is not possible. It can happen and does occur, even to young teenage boys. Hence, knowing when to accompany a teenage boy to visit a testosterone clinic for a consultation and possible treatment is important. 

In teenage boys, the decline of testosterone levels is not common. The lives of boys in their adolescent years are highlighted by the surging of their hormones, testosterone included. This is the reason why it is seldom a cause for concern.

If it goes the other direction instead and is affecting the quality of life, like stalling their growth or delayed development of their bodies-action must be taken sooner. 

healthy lifestyle

Is Low Testosterone a Typical Feature of Adolescent Males?

One of the most frequently asked concerns about teenage boys and testosterone is if it is normal for adolescent boys to have low testosterone. For one, that is a rare occurrence. Males normally have a higher testosterone level in their bodies when they are younger. As men age, their testosterone levels should begin to fall slowly, starting about age 30, by up to 1.6 percent every year.

As you may think, teenage boys experiencing low testosterone at such a young age is unheard of, uncommon. But when it does happen to someone, it quickly escalates to become a major cause for concern, as it can only be the result of a variety of circumstances, none of which are easily treatable.

For men who get low testosterone later in life, it is just a matter of identifying the right kind of testosterone replacement therapy and enough testosterone to compensate for the deficiency.

But it should be noted, however, that young teenage boys are more suited to solving the problem by treating the root cause of their hypogonadism and so keep the hope of having normal testosterone production as they become older, rather than being forced to supplement with testosterone every day.

An approach that can help improve your teenage boy’s production of natural testosterone levels could be to review your lifestyle choices, including nutrition and exercise, and then make the proper modifications as necessary. 

Causes of Low Testosterone in Teenage Boys

If there is one thing good about low testosterone in teenage boys, it has something to do with the fact that there are a limited number of possible causes. 

This works to the advantage of a testosterone clinic attending to your condition because it makes it possible for them to narrow down the possible causes more quickly. Once they finally identified the root cause of your low-T levels, they will have enough time to remedy the problem before it significantly impairs your quality of life.


One possible underlying cause of low testosterone in adolescent boys is their lifestyle. Teenagers’ testosterone levels and overall health are significantly more affected by lifestyle factors than most people realize. 

Stress management, exercise, and diet are all components of any person’s lifestyle. If an adolescent guy leads a sedentary life, he is significantly more likely to have lower-than-normal testosterone levels.


Along with illnesses that affect the body’s testosterone production, the treatments for such conditions can have about the same impact. 

Chemotherapy is a typical example of this. This is a severe treatment that may impair the body and its overall functionality. This could result in a decline in testosterone levels in the body, setting the stage for various adverse effects.


Another issue that could affect a young boy’s testosterone level is any medical condition that he may be having. Hypogonadism is one of them. 

This particular condition affects their body system’s ability to create testosterone. When a man suffers from this kind of hormonal disorder, it comes with a significant impact on his symptoms and results in lower-than-normal testosterone levels.

Wrapping Up!

If you believe you are a running candidate for TRT Sydney, regardless of the age bracket you belong to, it is highly recommended that you visit a TRT clinic anytime soon for consultation and possible treatment options. 



How to Increase Your Testosterone Levels By Food According to TRT Australia Doctors?

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t-level boosterOne common denominator you will notice when TRT Australia doctors advise their patients about their testosterone levels is to be mindful of the food items they often have on their plates. If they seriously want to increase their T-levels to an ideal range, they need to be cautious about their diet and what they consume regularly. 

The medical community has dubbed testosterone as the “male sex hormone”. This particular hormone, produced locally by the male human body, is instrumental in developing the unique masculine attributes of a man. Furthermore, it has been found out by virtue of scientific research that testosterone is also vital to bone health, fertility, muscle mass, and many more.

Inversely proportional to age, the amount of testosterone in a man’s body will take on a gradual declining pattern as he gets older. This means to say that as one gets older, the natural tendency of his body is to slow down its production of testosterone. According to recent studies, testosterone production will begin to drop gradually between 1 to 2% every year, past the age of 40s.

There are various lifestyle choices, medical problems, and a plethora of other factors that will influence how much the concentration of this hormone in a man’s body is. 

Apart from obtaining a testosterone replacement therapy Sydney program, giving oneself plenty of hours of extra sleep, cutting down on consumption of animal byproducts, and exposing oneself to sunlight from time to time, can all help a lot in increasing levels of testosterone in the body. 

To give you an idea of what food items you might need to stash in your kitchen pantry, consider the following:


Besides its culinary applications, another key reason why ginger is one of the most popular and widely sought out spices today, even from long ago, is that it helps men improve their level of fertility.

Ginger supplementation helps boost a man’s T-levels by at least 17.7 per cent. This is according to a study published in 2012. Regarding this, 75 adult men with reproductive concerns were recruited to participate in the said research. Upon its conclusion, the results showed that ginger boosts male fertility.

Moreover, in 2013, a white paper claimed that ginger enhances testosterone production in men. In related literature, a diabetic rat model was also experimented on with ginger. In just 30 days, the critter displayed signs of a significant rise in its antioxidant levels. 


Swiss chard, kale, and spinach are highly valued vegetables because of their high magnesium content. There is a good possibility that testosterone deficiency could worsen if your body doesn’t have enough of this mineral. 

Increasing your consumption of green, leafy vegetables, which are super rich in magnesium, will also increase your chances of improving T-levels in your body.

Other food items rich in magnesium include:

  • All nuts and all seeds
  • Whole grain
  • vegetables
  • lentils
  • beans
  • Onions

Besides bringing out the natural “umami” flavor in the foods we prepare, onions also deliver a wide spectrum of health-boosting benefits. We obtain those benefits by using/incorporating this invaluable spice in preparing and cooking the food we serve on our table. 

food supplements

In addition to providing a healthy source of nutrients, onions can support the increased production of testosterone. A 2012 study revealed that giving rats fresh onion juice for over a month helped enhance their bodies’ testosterone. According to TRT Australian doctors, this is a silver lining of hope for men with low T conditions.


As men get older, the natural tendency of testosterone production is to gradually decrease over time, around 1 to 2% every year. In some cases, the drop will go beyond the usual range, and when that happens, it will bring about some adverse impacts which may affect the person’s quality of life.

Oysters, olive oil, green leafy vegetables, and fatty fish have been reputed to possibly enhance a man’s testosterone levels. Moreover, vitamin D, zinc, and magnesium are all-natural minerals that can also aid the male body in increasing its testosterone production. 

Are you having this feeling that you may be a running candidate for a hormone replacement program like TRT Australia? Check out if you have low T symptoms. 

Or better yet, if you are not certain about the course of action you have to take, consider reaching out to a reputable TRT clinic in Sydney. A licensed TRT doctor can help you by testing your blood first for any kind of hormone deficiencies. After that, with respect to your laboratory results, your physician may offer you proper treatment options. 

How Does Testosterone Supplement Help Those with Low-T Condition As Suggested by TRT Australian Doctors?

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food supplementsIf there is one hormone that we can qualify as the of male adulthood, it would be no less than testosterone itself. This hormone is truly the one-stop-shop when it comes to the elements that make a man a man. 

According to reputable TRT Australian doctors, testosterone is produced right inside the testicles of a man. Naturally, with that, for as long as the testicles are in good shape and good health — its production of this important sex hormone will not be compromised. 

So much so that trauma or physical injury to the testicles as well as the prior illness that impacted the same may lay the groundwork for it to produce less testosterone. 

Production of testosterone is also alongside DHT or dihydrotestosterone, a known derivative of testosterone. This hormone can be best described as the driving force behind the formation of secondary sexual characteristics like body hair, genital growth, muscle development, sex drive, and sperm production.

For that reason, it is safe to say that DHT and testosterone are primarily male hormones. And if you will look close it is evident that they have a monopoly on manhood. 

It is justifiable that aging men would be highly concerned about their naturally declining levels of testosterone. The million-dollar question of everyone here is, are there any supplements that can truly support or increase levels of testosterone in a man’s system?  

Can Supplementation Increase Testosterone Level? 

If your blood tests affirm that your system has low amounts of testosterone, you can work hand-in-hand with your trusted healthcare provider for this. They will help outline for you the best course of action you need to take, which may include testosterone replacement therapy or TRT. 

However, if you’re only intending to support your current levels of testosterone, TRT Australian doctors are suggesting that there are a handful of supplements that can provide the kind of support that you need here. There are various clinical studies that back them up, therefore, this is not just a high claim. These supplementations will include:  

Vitamin D

We know that vitamin D is the “sunshine vitamin”. The reason behind this is the fact that the human body will produce this on its own after exposing the skin to the sun. 

outdoor sports

A big percentage of the American population has vitamin D deficiency. Now comprehensive research in the past suggests that when men supplement their bodies with vitamin D, they experience significant improvement in their sexual function.

The parallelism here is that they also experience a surge in their levels of testosterone, which goes to show that vitamin D supplements are a boon to men with low testosterone. 


The scientific community agrees with Australian doctors for TRT in saying that magnesium is a natural mineral that has a crucial role to play in a handful of cellular processes.

Magnesium is essentially important, particularly in muscle function and bone structure. There are also a handful of studies that show magnesium supplements can help increase a man’s testosterone levels.  


Zinc is a qualified trace mineral. It is essential in a handful of different cellular processes, from growth and development, wound healing, and others. 

Studies and research show that zinc supplementation can help in enhancing semen quality if the patient happens to be a subfertile man. For those who are experiencing a deficiency in zinc, it can also help increase their T-levels.  


A 12-week study on men who took fenugreek supplementation indicated that their testosterone levels significantly benefited because there is a dramatic increase in it. Participants in the said study also experienced an improvement in morning erections and reported having a frequency of sexual activity. This is in complete contrast to men who were given a placebo. 

How to Determine If Your T-Level is Normal?  

If you want to have some peace of mind regarding this, we recommend that you see your healthcare provider. A TRT Australian doctor can help check out your body’s testosterone level.

Testosterone is at its highest levels right after waking up in the morning and then after that, it fluctuates for the rest of the day. Therefore, for a more reliable result, it is best to submit yourself for blood testing in the morning. 

What is Testosterone Replacement Therapy?

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A growing number of men in the country are experiencing some of the indicating symptoms of testosterone deficiency. The medical community refers to this condition as “low-T” or a reduced amount of testosterone in the system.

Some research from years back and even the most recent ones show that testosterone levels in men, aged 30 and above, are likely to go down by a minimum of 2% every year. Further studies about low-T condition revealed that at least 38.7% of men in the country, aged 45 and above, are after affected by this condition.

It is among the reasons why we now have a billowing number of medical practitioners, specifically endocrinologists, who have their area of specialization in a treatment protocol for male hormonal imbalance known as testosterone replacement therapy or TRT Australia.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy for Men

With various ongoing researches and studies about testosterone levels, the medical and the scientific communities are gaining a more limpid understanding of how this particular male sex hormone is impacting the overall health, well-being, and longevity of men. It is safe to say now that the health physicians we have today, whose area of specialization is on men’s health, are now more well-educated, more well-equipped in administering prescription testosterone.

Defining What Testosterone Replacement Therapy Sydney is All About

First, testosterone replacement therapy in Sydney or testosterone replacement therapy is no less than a unique form of the hormone replacement program. It is designed to help in restoring healthy levels of testosterone in a man whose quality of life is badly impacted by low-T.

TRT is sharing some parallelisms to how the type-1 diabetics are using insulin. The male human body is suffering from insufficient or endogenous production of a vital hormone. This deficiency or lacking in the amount of hormone (testosterone) in the male human body needs replacement with the help of an exogenous source (TRT).

In the case of TRT, the exogenous testosterone hormone will usually come in the form of a prescribed injection. It will help in bringing the T-levels to go back, gradually, to its healthy range. But then there are other forms of testosterone prescriptions such as testosterone creams and testosterone patches. As opposed to being injected, testosterone is absorbed by the male human body through the skin.

While the vast majority of men suffering from low-T conditions are above the 50 years old age bracket, the younger generations who are made aware of this condition are now proactively taking action on it. They voluntarily have their T-levels checked annually without prodding them.

The year was 1935 was when testosterone was first ever synthesized in a laboratory setting. From that time onwards, it has been taken advantage of for various clinical applications. There are many underlying reasons why we now have a spike in the cases of TRT as well as men who are likely candidates for this hormone replacement program, specifically this part of the male population who are 50 years old and above.

In addition, compared to the past decades, both physicians and scientists nowadays have a better understanding of testosterone deficiency in terms of its pathophysiology.

TRT Takeaway

The best way to describe what TRT is or testosterone replacement therapy is it is an effective and safe form of HRT or hormone replacement therapy.

Men medically diagnosed as having a decreased amount of testosterone in their system are encouraged to have this kind of treatment to bring back their T-levels to the normal range again. Most especially those whose low-T condition is badly affecting the quality of their lives.

If you have a hunch that you might be a running candidate for testosterone replacement therapy Sydney with respect to the symptoms of low testosterone condition, we encourage you to submit yourself to a series of blood tests first.

Reaching out to a seasoned TRT doctor or an endocrinologist will help you get the answers that you are looking for, and whether or not you should consider this treatment or if you might be needing something else instead.

Is It Worth To Buy a Swim Spa?

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According to pool and spa warehouse managers, anyone who considers themselves a fitness enthusiast must know and understand the sundry of health-promoting benefits that a swim  spa can provide. Our market is teeming with a wide spectrum of fitness and exercise equipment we have in the market today, owning a swim spa is a must.

Besides the cost or the availability of outdoor space for installations of this kind, what probably is keeping many homemakers from acquiring a pool or swim spa is its upkeep. It is natural for homemakers to want to know first how much cleaning work is involved with a pool spa.

swim spa for saleNow the truth here is, we have in the market today a sundry of swim or pool spa models and makes, each coming along with their respective maintenance requirements.

If you are planning to take advantage of a swim spa for sale, we will encourage you to conduct a thorough research first about your choice model and make. One manager from a spa shop near me told me that people need to consult a swim spa expert first before making any purchase and not just a salesman for that matter.

An ordinary salesman might not have in-depth knowledge with regard to the proper upkeep of a particular swim spa model. He may sweep you off your feet with a pool spa’s impressive water jet features and the like, but may not give a clear picture about its required maintenance.

This is what health enthusiasts are dying to hear out, to enjoy the best of both worlds. Owning a swim spa will give you access to a fun and enjoyable way of getting in great shape through various aquatic workouts. At the same time also, it can give you a much needed relaxing comfort anytime of the day,  with its massaging water jet features.

Ask any homemaker now and he would decline to install a swimming pool in their backyard, most would reason out that they lack outdoor space for it. This is the reason why we have a pool spa as the perfect alternative.

Is It Easy to Maintain a Pool or Swim Spa?

The maintenance work required by the swim spa, according to many pool and spa warehouse managers, is much easier. With respect to their sheer size, they are smaller and thus less amount of cleaning is necessary. Besides, you don’t need to have a lot of cleaning agents to keep it clean.

There are various swim spa models and makes out in the market today whose key selling points have something to do with various underlying technologies that minimize the need for hardcore cleaning and maintenance. Like for instance, there are pool spa models and makes that are capable of filtering a hundred gallons of water in an hour. This signifies that pool spa of this type can filter the pool water multiple times an hour, hundreds of times a day.

A swim spa’s pre-filter system and high flow skimmers are also helping a lot in automating the cleaning process. What the skimmer does is collect debris and oil from the pool spa water and remove them eventually. This measure is crucial, preventing clogging of the heater and the pump.

Undesirable debris is brought to the pre-filter system for removal. If what you are looking for is a model and makes that necessitates only a minimum amount of cleaning effort from your end, consider looking for an offering that comes with an automatic floor vacuum.

It will not only take away the need to vacuum the swim spa floor but will also help in making sure that the amount of grime, dirt, and grit will remain in your unit for long. Thus, you can enjoy the use of your pool spa anytime you wish to.

How Working Technology Behind Waterjet Machines Help Faster Wound Healing

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There are a countless number of people from around the globe who are suffering from their bouts with chronic wounds due to diabetes or a handful of other underlying causes. But it is a relief to know that there is this emerging micro water jet technology and a very promising one that will have a significant role in enhancing treatment and healing. The water pressure necessary will be provided for by a powerful flat motor.

When it comes to sterilizing and cleaning up an open wound, many of us think that a medical professional’s first choice for this would be the use of sterile fluid. But there are also many other methods that doctors and surgeons have used in the past for this.

For instance, they would resort to cutting away dead tissue with the use of a scalpel, and then, later on, dress up the wound with absorptive tissues. There are even instances that they would resort to the use of the larvae of the flies. Each method they used though would come with their own set of banes and boons.

wound healing waterjet technology

Like for example with the use of the scalpel method, the use of which runs the risk of cutting away either too little or too much.

In the past decades, medical engineers successfully developed new groundbreaking methods that will help in thorough and efficient cleaning of open wounds, which also includes the part where there is a need to take away dead tissue.

The technical term for this process of cleansing of an open wound  in the medical community is “debridement” and the underlying technology used here is also the same as one used in the waterjet machine.

The Pressure Washer and Its Functional Principle

An innovative approach to cleaning and sterilizing wounds is currently in the works and is taking advantage of the technology used behind water jet machines. High pressure is necessary to help in directing the sterile fluid at the wound via a nozzle, which is generated by a pump.

The working principle used here is very much comparable to that of a pressure washer that many people use when they try to remove moss and algae from their garden flagstones. A Swiss company is using this metaphor to help illustrate how its product offering, which they call Debritom, works.

The system has been out in the market since 2018, and in no time it will become ubiquitous equipment that you will see in the majority of outpatient wound care facilities. It is also bound to have its presence felt in major hospitals around the globe.

Recommencing the Healing Process

Debritom+ and other similar wound cleansing systems are primarily designed for the benefit of patients who are struggling either with slow-healing or chronic wounds. Most of the time, these wounds are detrimental to the quality of life of the patient, and sometimes would even necessitate regular therapy.

When the healing process needs a relaunching, it should be commenced by performing first a thorough and careful cleaning of the wound in question.

The micro water jet machine technology allows for precise and clean removal of highly damaged or badly infected tissues. Simultaneous to this, a focused water jet could induce micro-bleeding. When this happens, it will be advantageous in the sense that it will help improve the outcome of the debridement process.

A recent study validates this where 90 patients were given micro water jet technology treatment for 3 years. In comparison to other treatment methods, the research showed that the time frame it took for their wounds to heal was substantially reduced to about 30%.

This goes to show that waterjet technology will help an awful lot in relieving patients and medical professionals alike in handling and giving proper care for open and chronic wounds, accelerating their healing phase.

covid fatality rate in men

Why Are Men More Prone to Die from the Coronavirus? TRT in Australia May Have the Answers

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TRT in Australia is a very dynamic sector. And together with the global medical and scientific communities, they were able to  establish one fact about COVID-19, it tends to discriminate its victims by  age. Another important consideration is if the individual has any underlying health condition, he may be susceptible to worse case outcomes of COVID-19.

Now, according to the most recent UK data, with respect to the Office for National Statistics, figures show that the male populace is twice as much to die from this disease as opposed to women.

This trend was originally observed first in China. According to the findings of their medical health sector, there is at least a 2.8% fatality rate in men who contracted the coronavirus and this is in stark contrast to 1.7% of infected women. From that time onward, this pattern was echoed by Germany, France, Italy, Iran, and now the latest to add to the list is the UK.

Around 71% of confirmed COVID-19 fatalities in Italy were accounted for by men. Spain also released a similar report emphasizing that twice as many men as women in their country have died from the coronavirus. The UK registered 4,122 deaths for COVID-19, 2, 523 of which were men and the remaining 1,599 were women.

covid fatality rate in men

The million-dollar question we have here now is, how come men are so vulnerable to this virus?

According to the UCL Centre Director, Sarah Hawkes, no one from their team knows the exact answer yet or have a solid reason to show what is causing the difference.

Early on, health experts first thought that smoking might have something to do about the susceptibility of men to the virus. Backed by comprehensive research, the sector of TRT in Australia suggested that men who smoke comprised about 12% of victims identified as having less severe symptoms.

But roughly 26% ended up in an intensive care facility or perished. Besides, smoking could also serve as an avenue for spreading infection, the reason being that smokers would be touching their lips with an infected cigarette butt.

Previous studies on TRT in Australia reveal that men tend to have an innate lower antiviral immune response to an array of infections which includes HIV and hepatitis C. Studies done on mice indicate this might also hold ground for coronaviruses, even when there are no solid studies about this yet for COVID-19.

This means to say that the male immune system is not likely to initiate a fitting response to the moment that it was able to identify the virus.

Hormones may also have a role to play, particularly estrogen. This female sex hormone has been found out to significantly help in further intensifying the immune cell antiviral responses. Genes that are responsible for regulating the immune system have the X chromosome encoded in them (men have 1, women have 2).

This brings us to a supposition that genes that take an active role in the immune response tend to be a lot more active in women than it is in men.

The element of sex differences in a human body’s immune response to coronavirus can be gleaned from various antibody surveys that are being conducted across the world. We can look forward to more enlightenment on this matter in the coming days.

But that may happen only after a detailed review of submitted Chinese team research papers was carried out. The latest data we have garnered about this from the UK suggest that a significant number of male deaths from that country is adding more weight to concerns that men are naturally susceptible to viral infections like COVID-19.

What is Hair Fiber Spray For?

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Hair fiber spray and hair loss concealer items are two kinds of hair loss products that usually go side-by-side with each other. One can’t be separated from the other, as if in a duo. For men who need to have an extra level of assurance that their hair building fiber won’t easily come off their head will want to use a reliable brand of hair building fiber spray.

For the vast majority of men, hair loss is a part and parcel of their life. Something they can’t veer away from. Hence, it is a source of frustration for many, even women can relate to this, too.

There are an awful lot of underlying reasons why hair loss occurs in men, the majority of which are not to be considered as a fault of their own. Meanwhile, we can find in the market an array of products and procedures that are being offered to the consuming public as giving invaluable help to address the issue but with varying levels of success.

hair fiber spray

Hair building fiber is one such solution that is fast gaining popularity in the four corners of the country. Otherwise known as hair loss concealer products, they offer users a rather quick and instant easy fix for their thinning hair and crown. Unlike other kinds of celebrated hair loss solutions, hair fiber powder products give you a full body of hair in a snap. While it is not qualified as a hair growth solution, it is giving users more than what they bargained for.

The question now is, where does a hair fiber spray come into the picture?

Hair building fibers are usually from keratin proteins, the very same material from which human hair is made of. Out straight from their bottles, they come in their natural static charge causing them to attach themselves onto individual hair strands upon contact. Hence, they won’t fall off on your shirt from your head that easy.

The purpose of a building fiber spray product is to help further intensify the hold of hair fibers onto your head, giving you greater confidence because it stays firmer on your head without any worries that some of them will fall off on your shirt. Moreover, it sets your hair to your preferred style.

Application of hair concealer sprays works much the same way as other spray-on products for the hair. Usually, these products come with a range of color dyes, sometimes even chemical compounds that allow you to pick a shade that best matches your hair’s natural color. Spray forms of hair concealers are by far the most common and most available type of liquid concealers, although there are others, too, that come in either a gel or a creme form which you can store insides or packets. 

The market today is teeming with products that cater to hair loss and thinning. And this wide range of choices is working to the disadvantage of consumers because it makes it difficult to decide which brand among the pool of choice

Therefore, consumers need to be wise in choosing a product they will use. Doing so increases their odds of getting the real value for their money, even if it is just for a hair fiber spray.