Spa Shop Sydney: The Health Benefits of Using a Swim Spa

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Water exercises like swimming are one way to work your whole body and cardiovascular system. An hour of swimming can burn excess calories, tone your body, and shed those extra pounds. 

But for people with a limited budget or who don’t have enough space in their backyard, getting a regular swimming pool is not an option. 

Despite this, you can still enjoy the health benefits of swimming without a regular swimming pool. It can be possible with spa shop Sydney where you can choose a wide range of swim spas and plunge pools to suit your backyard space and budget.

Today, a wide selection of spas has jetting systems and hydrotherapy seats, where users can enjoy the recreational and health benefits of a swimming pool.

The high-powered jets located at the end of the swim spa creates a current strong enough for the users to swim, jog, or walk. 

Here are just some of the health benefits of this modern outdoor water entertainment.

Doing Simple and Low-Impact Exercises

For people who enjoy simple and low-impact exercise, a spa is a comfortable and enjoyable environment to do it.

Here is the list of simple exercises that you can do in your swim spa. 

  • Swim 

Spas are for people who love to swim. Many people who are used to doing laps at the pool prefer the experience of a swim spa. Its powerful jet stream can generate resistance that can be a challenging and invigorating fitness workout. 

  • Jog

Compared to the dry land, jogging in your swim spa can spare you from the wear and tear of your joints. And you won’t get sweaty because the water washes away any perspiration and stimulates circulation.

  • Walk

Another excellent low-impact exercise that you can do in a spa is walking. It’s not only easy on your knees and ankles, but at the same time, it adds a little bit of extra resistance and fun.

  • Squats and Push-ups

In a swim spa, you can do a lower body workout and build up strength in your arms like squats and push-ups without the help of any equipment. 

Other simple fitness exercises that you can do in a spa are rowing, torso twists, lower ab crunches, and even practicing yoga.

Spa Shop Sydney Has Hydrotherapy Benefits

Hydrotherapy is a practice that can be traced back to ancient Rome. This practice is being revived today for pain-alleviation, mind and body rejuvenation, and for calming the soul. It utilizes the healing properties of water to promote health and well-being. 

Today, most modern spa models are equipped with technology that can create the ultimate Hydrotherapy experience aside from being a sanctuary of relaxation.

The technology employed in this modern outdoor entertainment allows the user to customize and control the temperature and swim jets to relax while relieving any muscle pains.

Other benefits of hydrotherapy are boosting your immune system, relieving inflammations, improving well-being, deep cleaning of pores, countering depression, and improving your strength.

Relaxation Benefits

A healthy lifestyle is a valuable element for staying physically and mentally fit. Taking time to soak in your swim spa can help you relax from all the stress and pressures of daily life. 

Spas are also a great place to hang out with your family and friends. Also, aquatic exercises are proven to release great stress, can boost your endorphins, and lower your stress-hormone level. 


If you want to enhance your life and improve your health, getting a top-of-the-line swim spa that features the most advanced technology in the industry might be the perfect option for you.

Is It Worth To Buy a Swim Spa?

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According to pool and spa warehouse managers, anyone who considers themselves a fitness enthusiast must know and understand the sundry of health-promoting benefits that a swim  spa can provide. Our market is teeming with a wide spectrum of fitness and exercise equipment we have in the market today, owning a swim spa is a must.

Besides the cost or the availability of outdoor space for installations of this kind, what probably is keeping many homemakers from acquiring a pool or swim spa is its upkeep. It is natural for homemakers to want to know first how much cleaning work is involved with a pool spa.

swim spa for saleNow the truth here is, we have in the market today a sundry of swim or pool spa models and makes, each coming along with their respective maintenance requirements.

If you are planning to take advantage of a swim spa for sale, we will encourage you to conduct a thorough research first about your choice model and make. One manager from a spa shop near me told me that people need to consult a swim spa expert first before making any purchase and not just a salesman for that matter.

An ordinary salesman might not have in-depth knowledge with regard to the proper upkeep of a particular swim spa model. He may sweep you off your feet with a pool spa’s impressive water jet features and the like, but may not give a clear picture about its required maintenance.

This is what health enthusiasts are dying to hear out, to enjoy the best of both worlds. Owning a swim spa will give you access to a fun and enjoyable way of getting in great shape through various aquatic workouts. At the same time also, it can give you a much needed relaxing comfort anytime of the day,  with its massaging water jet features.

Ask any homemaker now and he would decline to install a swimming pool in their backyard, most would reason out that they lack outdoor space for it. This is the reason why we have a pool spa as the perfect alternative.

Is It Easy to Maintain a Pool or Swim Spa?

The maintenance work required by the swim spa, according to many pool and spa warehouse managers, is much easier. With respect to their sheer size, they are smaller and thus less amount of cleaning is necessary. Besides, you don’t need to have a lot of cleaning agents to keep it clean.

There are various swim spa models and makes out in the market today whose key selling points have something to do with various underlying technologies that minimize the need for hardcore cleaning and maintenance. Like for instance, there are pool spa models and makes that are capable of filtering a hundred gallons of water in an hour. This signifies that pool spa of this type can filter the pool water multiple times an hour, hundreds of times a day.

A swim spa’s pre-filter system and high flow skimmers are also helping a lot in automating the cleaning process. What the skimmer does is collect debris and oil from the pool spa water and remove them eventually. This measure is crucial, preventing clogging of the heater and the pump.

Undesirable debris is brought to the pre-filter system for removal. If what you are looking for is a model and makes that necessitates only a minimum amount of cleaning effort from your end, consider looking for an offering that comes with an automatic floor vacuum.

It will not only take away the need to vacuum the swim spa floor but will also help in making sure that the amount of grime, dirt, and grit will remain in your unit for long. Thus, you can enjoy the use of your pool spa anytime you wish to.