iCare Bed – A Premium Homecare Bed for Seniors and People with Mobility Issues

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Having a comfortable bed is essential for people with reduced mobility in getting enough rest and restorative sleep they need.

If you have a loved one with mobility issues who prefers home healthcare, getting them an iCare bed rather than a hospital bed is a great option.

Hospital beds and their modified version may have shared some similarities. But this premium homecare bed offers many advantages and functionalities that you won’t find in a regular medical bed.

Also called adjustable beds, iCare beds provide unmatched functionality and durability without the hospital look.

In this article, we will share with you everything you need to know about iCare beds, including their benefits, functions, design options, and accessories available.

Benefits of Using an iCare Bed

  • Provides Support for a Comfortable Sleeping Position

Most of our older adults are experiencing reduced flexibility which makes it difficult for them to get in and out of bed. Some of them may also experience a bit of stiffness or pain due to their medical conditions, which makes them uncomfortable in bed. As a result, they might not get enough rest or sleep needed by their body.

Fortunately, there is a premium homecare bed that can help them feel comfortable in bed and enjoy restorative sleep. iCare beds have functionality such as an adjustable backrest that supports a comfortable sleeping position, especially for people with respiratory conditions.

  • Offers Mobility Support and Safety

Getting on and off the bed can be physically demanding for people with reduced mobility, like older adults and patients recovering from accidents, injuries, or life-changing procedures.

iCare beds have safety features and functionalities that offer mobility support to people with reduced flexibility and keep them safe from accidents like falling out of the bed.

  • Removes the Hospital Look Out of the Room

iCare beds are designed to fit in a home setting and feature other options and designs to match or complement your home decor.

They can also be ordered with separate mattresses and covers of your choice and colors, making the hospital look out of your room.

Unlike the hospital beds which are utilitarian, modified beds are designed for home use with decorative frames and headboards.

Bed Size, Controls, and Accessories

If the hospital beds are intended for single occupancy, iCare beds, on the other hand, are available in different sizes, including Long Single, King Single, Queen Size, and Long Double.

These modified versions of hospital beds can be ordered with independent control for each side of the bed, allowing each person to customize positions.

The height is also adjustable. The head or the foot areas can be raised to create a recliner-like contour at a full incline that offers a comfortable sleeping position.

Lastly, you can also add other bed accessories such as side grab rails, bed sticks, full-length bed rail, over-bed pole, massage units, warming elements, and a lot more.